Who Should Attend?

Meet Senior Executives From Leading Pipeline Operators

  • CEOs
  • Managing Directors
  • VPs of Operations
  • VPs of Pipeline Integrity
  • VPs of Risk and Data Integrity
  • VPs of Environmental Health & Safety
  • VPs of Regulatory Compliance
  • Heads of SCADA
  • Directors of GiS
  • Directors of Engineering
  • Pipeline Inspection Specialists
  • Heads of Research & Development
  • Pipeline Corrosion Specialists
  • Senior Asset Integrity Engineers
  • Pipeline Controllers
  • Reliability Supervisors
  • Lead Pipeline Integrity Engineers
  • Directors of Maintenance
  • DOT Compliance Specialists
  • GiS Specialists
  • Senior Cost Coordinators
  • Leak Prevention and Mitigation Specialists
  • Heads of Information Technology
  • Chief Data Officer
  • Data Governance Managers

Plus Service & Solution Providers In The Following Areas:

  • Leak Detection Equipment
  • Leak Detection Contractors
  • Pipe Location Specialists
  • Field Inspection
  • GIS
  • Network Modelling
  • Data Management
  • Data Aquisition
  • Valve Suppliers
  • Pump Suppliers
  • Pressure Reduction Valves
  • Data loggers
  • Satellite technology for asset location and management
  • Thermal imaging/radar technologies
  • Pipe Inspection and condition assessment (External/internal)
  • Acoustic noise loggers
  • Flow meters (full bore/insertion)
  • Customer meters and meter readers
  • Excavation and trenchless technology
  • Pipe repair technologies (internal/external)

Pipeline Integrity & Data Utilization Solutions For Mega Rule Compliance

A Pivotal Virtual Event Delivering The Crucial Pipeline Integrity And Data Utilization Solutions For PHMSA 'Mega' Rule Compliance

Oil & Gas Pipeline Integrity & Data Utilization Solutions is returning virtually for two extraordinary days across the 27th October & 28th October 2020.

In the works for almost a decade, the PHMSA Gas Transmission Rule and the Hazardous Liquids Rule promise to overhaul expectation for what constitutes true pipeline integrity and compliance.

But how to interpret and adhere to these new expectations? What are the cost-effective strategies and technologies to ensure true asset integrity and regulatory compliance?

Over the course of two solution-driven days we will bring together the leading pipeline integrity practices and methodologies to illuminate the way forward.



Through specific days dedicated to the specific challenges for gas and liquid pipeline operators respectively, Oil & Gas Pipeline Integrity & Data Utilization Solutions will empower delegates with the knowledge and expertise required to navigate this brave new regulatory world and ensure integrity and compliance for the long term.

Solutions To The Most Pressing Integrity And Compliance Challenges:

The 'Mega' Rule What will the new PHMSA Gas Transmission Rule & Hazardous Liquid Rule mean in practice and how can how pipeline operators best operate and invest in their assets in order to stay compliant?

≥ Field Communications What are the proven strategies for improving field communications and reducing human error? How can data acquisition be optimized in order to deliver quality data?

≥ Data Integration Digital transformation has meant we can integrate more data than ever. But the sheer amount of data brings with it a host of challenges. How can you ensure you are seizing the opportunity inherent in the data?

≥ Inline Inspection A huge part of any integrity budget. What are the implications of new regulations on these budgets? What are the cost-effective technologies that will keep you compliant?

≥ Pipeline Corrosion A costly problem, but one that is avoidable given the latest technologies and innovations. But which are the technologies you can trust? What are the proven strategies implemented by leading operators?

≥ GiS More stringent regulation brings with it the necessity to make better use of all available data. How can you harness the power of Geographic Imaging Systems in order to reduce maintenance costs and stay compliant?

Leak Detection Always a priority for pipeline operators, but is the current technology keeping up with the increased demands placed on it?  What are the new technologies and how successful have they proven?


Agenda Highlights

Agenda At A Glance


  • Clarity On Every Aspect Of The Gas Transmission Rule
  • Cost-Effective Strategies for Gas Transmission Rule Compliance
  • Improved Field Communications
  • Improved Consistency & Efficiency In Data Acquisition
  • Optimized Data Analytics
  • Cost-Effective Approaches To In-Line Inspection
  • Cutting Edge In-Line Inspection Technology
  • Pioneering New Research Into The Future Of In-Line Inspection
  • Data Utilization To Build An External Corrosion Programme
  • Advanced Cathodic Protection Techniques
  • Advanced FLIR Technology


  • Clarity On Every Aspect Of The Hazardous Liquid Rule
  • Cost-Effective Strategies for Hazardous Liquid Rule Compliance
  • Practical Strategies For Making Use Of All Available Data
  • Evaluation Of Various Technologies & Cloud Based Systems
  • Tools And Approaches For Improving Field Collection & Data Analysis
  • Creation Of Advanced Risk Models for Moderate And High Consequence Areas
  • Strategies For Integrating Your Data With Your Geographic Imaging Systems
  • Advanced Data & Software Integration
  • Cost-Effective Approaches To Leak Mitigation
  • Computerized Leak Detection And Information Analysis
  • The Latest Drone Technologies
  • Innovations In Crack Detection Technology


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